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About Us

Hello and welcome to my shop!

You’ve heard the saying that quality just isn't what it used to be. Luckily, vintage and antique items were made to last, just the fact that it’s still available and not in a landfill proves that point. I have always loved vintage because it is so elegant, I decided to create The Wicker Form because I know I am passing along a quality product.

One thing you should know about me, I am a determined self-starter. I taught myself how to sew at 15 as I am quite tall, and "off the rack" did not fit me properly. As a young wife and mother, I handmade all of our clothing from jeans to lingerie. How funny that when I was in my 50’s I learned how to run my own online store. I began selling vintage and antique items online in 2008. I took my last $100 and decided to invest in myself, hence the creation of my two shops on Etsy. To date, I have sold over 3,000 product's online with a 5-Star rating.

I am a one-woman operation! Shopper, photographer, office manager, and seamstress. At first, I listed items from my personal collection, but as time went on, and demand grew, I began to acquire more.

For anyone new to my shop, I hope you will be pleased with the selection here. I approach my business with the customer in mind, basically, if I were the customer, what kind of service would I enjoy? Although I measure everything, I welcome any questions before purchase to make sure you get the best fit! I can also make alterations upon request.

I hope you find something that puts a smile on your face or makes your day a bit brighter. I always have a hard time talking about myself, so I’ve included reviews from my prior shops so you can read about their shopping experiences with me.

Thank you for stopping by!

Miss Susanne

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