Christian Dior 1957 Chiffon Peignoir Set 40 Foot Hemline

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Christian Dior 1957 black double chiffon peignoir nightgown and robe. This marvelous piece is truly beyond stunning! The peignoir robe is double chiffon with a 20 foot sweep times two for a total 40 feet.

The caplet is all lace measuring 31 inches across 14 inches long. Love the bow at the front. It’s feathered at the ends and made from satin which matches the bow on the gown. Sleeveless with one button close The bow snaps into place. Front falls open down the front.

The gown is also double chiffon measuring 17-1/2 feet sweep stunning illusion lace bodice. Shoulder straps crisscross at the back with a trapeze design at the center which trails behind you like a wedding gown train would. Timeless in its quality and appeal, this peignoir set is one of a kind offering you the very best in designers vintage lingerie.

As a seller of vintage lingerie for many years and an accomplished seamstress. I have felt, handled and sold hundreds of chiffon peignoir sets in my time and this set is without a doubt the best I have ever seen or had in my shop. This set still has its original sizing which is amazing given its age! The fold marks were crisp as is the chiffon. This set truly appears new.

I have looked this over as you would and I can find just a few notations to make. I can find only one pick in the chiffon on the gown and 3 pinpricks to the peignoir robe and a minuscule hole the size of rice tip in the robe at the hemline. 

Condition: Beautiful near mint condition chiffon with three noted pricks to the chiffon robe will never be noted in this amazing piece.

Marked Christian Dior ILGWU Union made U.S.A. 100% nylon RN#14522 style 152 size 32.

Peignoir Robe

Bust: 32
Waist: No Restrictions
Hips: No restrictions

Final Sale 
Length: 59 inches
Sweep/Finished Hemline: 240 inches

6.1 meters 20 feet


Bust: 28 - 32
Waist: No restrictions
Hips: No restrictions
Length: 58 inches
Sweep: 210 inches 17 ½ feet 5.33400 meters

Final Sale