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Indiana Glass Company

Tiffin Franciscan King’s Crown Ruby Flash Stemware

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Vintage King's Crown Thumbprint Stemware. This set of 13 is a mixture of two manufacturers. 

Tiffin will always have three mold marks, whereas Indiana Glass Company has only two. Tiffin wares hold 8 ounces while the Indiana Glass Company set will hold 7 ounces. No cracks, nicks, bites to the glass, free of dishwasher cloudiness, pictured closely for your inspection.

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Height: 5 ½ inches (Tiffin) and 5 5/8 (Indiana Glass Company) inches tall
Rim: Nearly 3 1/8 inches (Tiffin) across - Indiana Glass Co (2 7/8) inches
Capacity: Holds 8 ounces (Tiffin) Indiana Glass Co 7 fluid ounces

Total Pieces (13)

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