Nippon China Beaded Edge Porcelain Hair Receiver 50s

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Nippon China porcelain hair receiver. Beautiful translucent hand painted ladies two-piece set is hand painted with gold gilding throughout the top and bottom pieces. 

The top center beading is raised to the touch accented with gold in between the beads. Scalloped shape raised at each indention decorated with pink, blue, purple and yellow flowers. 

The bottom piece features a ruffle like bottom mirroring the top edge with flowers and gold scrolling alternating. A lovely piece repurposes easily as a cactus planter tea light holder, jewelry holder or trinkets dish. Miniscule flea bite noted on inside rim of the bottom piece circa the 1950s.

Hight: 2.1/2 inches
The width: 4 inches
Center hole: 1 1/8" across 

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